Diabetes Diet: Diabetes is a disease in which a lot of control has to be done on the food and drink, otherwise the blood sugar level will increase, and in such a situation you can consume chromium-based food.

Chromium Mineral For Diabetes: If you have diabetes, then it is obvious that you must be making all efforts to maintain your blood sugar level, as well as health can be kept better through healthy foods. In such a situation, if you include chromium in your daily diet, then it will be of great benefit. It is necessary to have this mineral in most food, but it is no less than a boon for diabetics. Insulin sensitivity can be improved with the help of chromium. Dr. Ayushi Yadav, a famous dietician working at GIMS Hospital, Greater Noida, told what are the foods in which chromium is found.

Chromium is found in these things

1. Beans

Beans are a vegetable that is commonly used in our homes. Along with chromium, dietary fibers and carbohydrates are found in it. The anti-oxidant properties found in it boost the immune system.

2. Broccoli

You must make broccoli a part of your daily diet, it can be eaten both as a vegetable or as a salad. In addition to chromium, vitamin A, vitamin C, protein, carbohydrates, iron, and calcium are found in abundance. Antioxidant properties are found in broccoli, which reduces glucose levels and oxidative stress.

3. Seafood

Chromium is found in many organisms found in the sea, with the help of which patients suffering from atherosclerosis and heart disease benefit. For people who eat non-veg foods, it fulfills the need for this special mineral, diabetic patients must include it in their daily diet.

4. Whole Grain

To meet the need for chromium in the body, we need whole grains. It improves glucose sensitivity and should be consumed by type 2 diabetes patients. You can also try maize and bajra.

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