Diabetic patients must check the level of sugar in regular blood and take special care of food and drink. The immunity of diabetic patients is very low, in such a situation they need to consume a healthy diet. Diabetes patients should include such foods in their diet which contain enough nutrients and which can also control diabetes.

The egg is such a superfood in winter that people like to eat more. People consume eggs by boiling them in the form of omelettes. Now the question arises whether diabetic patients can consume these superfoods. Can eggs control blood sugar? Let us know from Dr VK Mishra of Gastro Liver Hospital, Kanpur whether diabetic patients should eat eggs or not. Can eggs increase the cholesterol of diabetic patients?

Is egg suitable for diabetic patients, know research: (Is egg suitable for diabetic patients, know research)
According to the American Diabetic Association, the egg is the best source of protein, according to which diabetic patients can consume eggs. But in another study, it has been said that eggs increase the blood sugar of diabetic patients. According to this research, the cholesterol content present in eggs creates problems. The liver manufactures 75% of the cholesterol in our body, while the remaining 25% comes from the diet.

According to science, consuming eggs gives immense benefits to health. The anti-oxidant, biotin and potassium present in eggs have the power to keep the body healthy. Egg protects against free radicals, correct brain function and improves vision. Consuming eggs makes immunity strong. Eggs also improve the function of the lungs and kidneys. Egg intake helps in the formation of insulin in diabetic patients.

According to experts, the consumption of eggs greatly benefits patients with diabetes. By consuming it, the blood sugar level remains normal throughout the day. Protein is present in eggs, which is very helpful in the treatment of diabetes. If diabetic patients consume egg with low carbohydrate
If done, patients get more benefits from eggs.

According to experts, a person should consume 300 MG of cholesterol per day whereas we get only 186 MG of cholesterol from an egg. If you eat one to one and a half eggs a day, you will get 300mg of cholesterol in the whole day. Egg white is an excellent source of protein. If you are a diabetic patient then you can consume eggs.