As soon as winter comes, green vegetables start appearing in the markets, which are very good for your health. Bathua is also available only in winter. This vegetable is easily available in the market and people all over the country consume Bathua. You too must be eating Bathua, but you would only know that Bathua is eaten as greens. Most people do not know much about the medicinal properties of Bathua. Do you know that Bathua is also a medicine, and the benefits of eating Bathua are found in many diseases? Vitamin A, calcium, phosphorus, potassium and carbohydrate, fibre, and vitamin C are found in plenty in it. Through this article, we will give you information about the benefits of Bathua Saag…

Repair cells
Bathua is rich in amino acids. A large part of our cells is made up of amino acids. In this case, it can play a major role in the functioning, repair and formation of cells. Reduce toothache and swelling If you have a toothache, make a powder of Bathua seeds and rub it on the teeth. This not only cures toothache but also reduces the swelling of the gums. Boil and grind Bathua leaves. Applying it to the swollen part reduces the swelling. Beneficial for the problem of constipation To get relief from the problem of constipation, prepare and eat a vegetable of Bathua leaves. It provides relief in constipation as well as piles, spleen disorders, and liver disorders.

Increase immunity/disease immunity
When the immunity power becomes weak, the chances of people getting many diseases to increase. That's why it is very important to have strong immunity. People who have weak immunity, should mix rock salt in Bathua's vegetables and consume it with buttermilk. This strengthens the power to fight disease (disease immunity power).

Get rid of stomach worms
The use of Bathua is beneficial when there are worms in the stomach. Mix salt in the juice of Bathua and drink it. This kills stomach worms. Let us tell you that the leaves of Bathua contain Ridol, which is also used to eliminate intestinal worms.
Benefits of urine disease To cure urine disease, take out the juice of Bathua leaves. Mixing sugar candy in it and feeding it ends urinary disorders.

Panacea for leucorrhoea
The use of Bathua is also beneficial in leucorrhoea. People suffering from leucorrhoea should cook 1-2 grams of bathua root in water or milk. Drink it for three days. It is beneficial in leucorrhoea.