Benefits of Dalchini: Spices are very beneficial for health. Cook food at home or work as a confectioner in any function. Spices are used to enhance the taste of vegetables. All spices have their qualities. One such spice is cinnamon. This spice is considered to be a mine of many qualities. Cinnamon is used in every household to enhance the taste. Many people specially buy it from the market to put it in vegetables. Today we will talk about its qualities. How cinnamon helps in keeping healthy fit.

How much cinnamon to eat
There are lovers of cinnamon in every country of the world. Small or big, everyone can use cinnamon. But its quantity is put in the vegetable according to the taste. Half a teaspoon or a teaspoon of cinnamon is used. Although experts say that taking cinnamon in excess every day can cause problems related to the stomach, liver, and kidneys. At the same time, to see its benefits, definitely eat it in a moderate quantity.

Where does cinnamon come from
The fragrance of cinnamon is wonderful. It is also used in making some cakes with vegetables. There is a cinnamon tree. The trunk of the tree is skinned and dried. It is rolled into a stick shape. Many people use it even after grinding it. Now it is important to know its benefits as well.

Cinnamon is antifungal, anti-oxidant
Plant compounds called polyphenols are found in spices. It acts as an antioxidant. It is also found in cinnamon. This spice is anti-bacterial, anti fungal. It is used in Chinese herbal medicines. It helps a lot in protecting against bacterial and fungal infections.

Boosts Immune System
Every year someone or other in your neighbourhood or family falls prey to seasonal fever, cough, and cold. This is the effect of viruses or bacteria spreading in the air those days. Cinnamon has the property of dealing with such viruses. Consuming limited amounts regularly strengthens the immune system and such viruses do not pass by.

Decreases growth of cancer cells
Research has revealed that the effect of cinnamon is also seen in the development of cancer. This spice prevents the growth of cancer cells. If cancer-related elements are being formed in the blood vessels, then it kills them. This greatly reduces the risk of getting cancer.

Diabetes, the risk of heart disease is less
Consuming cinnamon is beneficial for type 2 diabetes. It works to control insulin in blood sugar. This reduces the risk of diabetes. At the same time, cinnamon is used to control blood pressure. Also lowers cholesterol. Managing blood pressure and reducing cholesterol reduces the risk of heart disease.