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Now let us tell you that we do not feel the problem of bad breath, but due to this problem, people around us face a lot of trouble whenever we go to a public place or attend a gathering of friends. If there are friends or neighbors who start getting troubled by the problem of bad smell coming in our mouth, in such a time we have to face a lot of embarrassment and democracy. Usually, this happens because we do not clean the spot due to which bacteria starts accumulating in our mouth. If you are having problems related to cavities or gums in your teeth, then it is bound to smell bad. It is seen that in some people it can also happen due to pyorrhea, let us tell you about some such people through this article. By adopting this you can get rid of the problem of bad breath coming in your mouth. Let's know -

* Use alum:

Let us tell you that to get rid of the problem of bad breath, you can use alum, for this you put alum in a glass of water and leave it like this for 20 minutes. After this, now filter this water with a sleeping cloth and store it in a glass bottle. Regularly rinse with this water while brushing daily in the morning, it gives you much better results.

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* Cloves:

Clove is used as a spice in the kitchen of all of us, it is not only very aromatic, but it also has antibacterial properties, which helps in removing the problem of bad breath. If you want to keep your breath fresh, then you can chew cloves raw. If you want, after brushing in the morning, you can consume tea prepared from cloves. For this, mix water and clove powder in a utensil and boil it for about 15 minutes and consume it.

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* Baking powder is also an effective remedy:

We all know very well that baking soda is commonly used for baking various types of food. But if you want to remove the problem of bad breath, then you can use it, for this, you mix half a teaspoon of baking powder in a glass of water, and after that, you rinse twice with this water. After that, you will feel the difference.