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We all know very well that in the last few years, the craze for many Chinese foods like momos has increased among Indian people, it is seen that in our country of India, people like to eat tandoori and fry momos in addition to chicken or veg. Young people have started considering such things as favorite snacks, although there is no dearth of people who like Momos, most of the food stalls are crowded with young people. But do you know that this favorite food of very wonderful young people in the test can cause many fatal diseases for you because according to many reports, it has been told that people who consume momos in excess, cancer, risk of diabetes or other diseases becomes more than other people, let us tell you through this article, the risk of diseases increases due to the consumption of Mohammed in large quantities. Let's know -

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* There may be a problem with piles:

Let us tell you that even though momos are prepared by steaming, ultra-processed food is used in them. Due to lack of fiber, you start having constipation problems and at one point in time, this problem of constipation becomes piles i.e. piles. Be told that spicy sauce also becomes the cause of piles.

* Increases the risk of diabetes:

According to health experts, it is said that due to the consumption of momos in excess, you are at increased risk of developing diabetes because many types of harmful chemical benzoyl are added to make momos flour smooth. And this type of chemical directly affects the pancreas of our body and it starts releasing insulin hormones. Because of this, the blood sugar level starts increasing in our body and people become victims of diabetes.

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* Cancer :

Let us tell you that to make momos tasty, Ajinomoto is put in it and it has been told in the reports that this chemical poses a risk of cancer. For your information, let us tell you that Ajinomoto chemical is mixed in all types of Chinese food, which is very dangerous for our health.

* High blood pressure:

Health expert says that due to the spicy chutney eaten with momos, you may also have the problem of high blood pressure. Despite not having a test, people come to it with great interest, it has high sodium content, due to which your BP level can increase.