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At present it is seen that diabetes has become a common disease. The number of people suffering from diabetes is continuously increasing. Diabetes is a long-term disease for which no cure has been found yet. Once a person becomes a victim of this disease, he is unable to get rid of it throughout his life. This is a condition in which our pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin. Due to this the blood sugar level increases. Our changing lifestyle and bad eating habits like eating too many calories and not being physically active further increase the risk of diabetes. Health experts say that you can control this disease to a great extent by changing your lifestyle and eating habits. During this time, you can choose juice, etc. instead of sweet drinks. Through this article, we will tell you about some such drinks that people suffering from diabetes should not consume even by mistake. Let us know about them in detail -

Photo Credit: Redcliffe Labs

*Fruit juice:

Let us tell you that fruit juice can increase blood sugar levels even without adding sugar because a large amount of natural sugar is found in them. Juicing of fruits also removes the fiber which results in an increase in sugar levels after drinking the juice.

*Tea with sugar:

A lot of sugar is found in sugary tea which is already added while making tea, that is why people suffering from diabetes should make their tea with diabetes-safe sweetener. Or you can drink it without sugar also.

Photo Credit: Redcliffe Labs

* Flavored Coffee :

Let us tell you that a lot of sugar is often added to flavored coffee. In such a situation, if people suffering from diabetes consume it, their condition may worsen, hence it would be better if you prepare coffee at home and drink it without sugar.

* Regular or diet soda:

Health experts say that regular or diet soda contains too much sugar and artificial sweeteners which can further increase your blood sugar level. In such a situation, people suffering from diabetes should avoid consuming it.

* Energy Drinks:

Let us tell you that caffeine and carbs are found in large quantities in energy drinks. Which can increase our blood sugar level and cause insulin resistance. Its consumption is very harmful for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes, that is why if you have diabetes then you should avoid consuming energy drinks, it is for your own good.