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We all know very well that after marriage, every man wants to become a father but to become a father, it is very important for his health to be healthy. It is seen that many times most men consume various types of herbs and medicines to increase their masculine power, but sometimes they may have to face their side effects, In such a situation today we will tell you about some such things. These are the ones that men should not consume in large quantities even by mistake, otherwise, this thing can cause weakness in their masculinity due to which their desire to become a father can remain unfulfilled. That is why men should take primary care of these things. Let us know about these things in detail through this article -

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* Do not consume Amla in large quantities:

We all know very well that Vitamin C is found in abundance in Amla. Consumption of Amla is considered no less than a boon for women's health because consuming it strengthens their immunity. Men can also consume it but occasionally and in limited quantities. Because for men, excessive consumption of it can destroy their masculinity forever. Due to the consumption of amla in large quantities, the production of testosterone hormone in men's bodies starts decreasing due to which they start becoming impotency.

* Do not consume pickles in large quantities:

Most people like to eat pickles with food. Mango pickle is also included in these. If you also like eating mango pickles, then you should improve your habit from today itself because consumption of pickles causes a reduction of male hormones, due to which there are many problems in their personal life. Problems start arising and its effect starts appearing on the personal relationship between husband and wife and sometimes their relationship gets completely spoiled.

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* This thing makes one impotent:

It is seen that banana and its leaves and stem are eaten in many parts of the country but its root should not be consumed even by mistake because it is said that if a man drinks the juice of banana root for three days, he will The man becomes impotent forever. The reason for this is that the juice of banana root completely drops the level of testosterone hormone in the body.