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We all know very well that it is very important to consume fruits to protect the body from diseases because many such nutrients are found in fruits which are very beneficial for our health. Have started including it in your breakfast. But do you know that there are some moments which you should not include in your breakfast? Consuming these fruits in breakfast can prove to be harmful, if you do so then be careful, let us tell you through this article which fruits should not be made a mistake to include in breakfast, otherwise, you will face many health-related problems. Let's know -

* Banana :

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We all know very well that the banana is considered to be a complete flower but do not make the mistake of including it in breakfast because carbohydrates are found in more quantity in bananas than other fruits. Carbs in bananas account for 93 of their calories.

* Coconut :

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Let us tell you that some people consider coconut as a nutrition-rich food, but it is not so at all. Let us tell you that 283 calories are found in one cup of grated coconut, so this fruit is considered very heavy, so it is consumed for breakfast. as should not be done.

* Watermelon

Watermelon is very much liked in the summer season, it helps in keeping our body hydrated. Although eating this fruit does not cause any harm to our body, but let us tell you that the amount of water is found in it, due to which you may feel hungry quickly.

*Mango :

We all know very well that mango is also called the king of fruits, which is consumed in large quantities in the summer season, but let us tell you that 100 calories are found in one cup of mango, in addition, 23 grams of sugar are also found in it. So consuming it as breakfast is not beneficial for your health.