In the present era, diabetes has become a common disease and many people in India are becoming its victims. Diabetes patients have to take special care of their lifestyle and food habits, only then they can live a healthy life. In diabetes, the blood sugar level of the patient often increases, which can prove to be harmful to health.

Teeth get damaged due to an increase in blood sugar level
Diabetes is considered to be the root of many diseases, and it can cause many problems including heart disease, and kidney disease, but do you know that increasing blood sugar levels is also related to your teeth, how can it be prevented?

How does diabetes affect teeth?
1. Cavities

There can be many sources of bacteria entering the mouth, but when they come in contact with blood sugar, they form a layer around the teeth called plaque. There is a special type of acid in this plaque, which gradually starts rotting your teeth. Since sugar and starch spread rapidly in the body in the condition of diabetes, it is inevitable to have cavities.

2. Gum Disease
Diabetes affects your immunity, which becomes very weak and you start falling prey to many other diseases. Gum disease also develops due to weak immunity, in such a condition the gums start rotting.