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Fried Food: French fries may seem tasty to eat, but these comfort foods can have a negative effect on our mental health. According to a research team in Hangzhou, China, the risk of anxiety increased by 12 per cent and the risk of depression by 7 per cent in people who regularly eat fried food, especially fried potatoes. The most danger of this has been seen in young people. Let us tell you that obesity, high blood pressure and other health problems can be seen by eating fried food.

However, experts studying nutrition said the results are preliminary and don't necessarily mean fried food is causing mental health problems.

What was found in the study
About 1.40 lakh people were included in this study and studied for about 11.3 years. After excluding those who experienced depression within the first two years, fried food eaters were found to have 8,294 cases of anxiety and 12,735 cases of depression. At the same time, the risk of depression was found to be increased by 2 per cent, especially in people who ate fried potatoes.

People with symptoms of anxiety and depression may turn to such comfort foods as a method of self-care. According to previous research, unhealthy food and poor nutrition can worsen one's mood, which can lead to a slight deterioration in mental health.

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What is the risk of fried food?
In the new study, researchers reported that acrylamide, a chemical formed during the frying process (especially in fried potatoes) is responsible for the higher risk of anxiety and depression.

Risk of other diseases
According to health experts, eating fried food in excess can lead to many serious diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol level. Fried food causes type-2 diabetes, obesity and heart-related diseases.