Iron is a very important nutrient for our body. It supplies oxygen to the entire body. This is how hemoglobin is produced. Due to its deficiency, red blood cells are not formed in the body and the person starts suffering from many diseases due to lack of blood. One of these is anemia, which is found mostly in women. At the same time, due to iron deficiency, the supply of oxygen gets disrupted and fatigue and weakness are seen. But do you know that having an excessive amount of iron in the body can also be dangerous? Excessive amount of iron in the body is called hemochromatosis. Because of this, you may suffer from many serious diseases. Let us know about this from experts. Dietician Riya Wahi is giving information about this.

What can happen if your iron is too high?

  • You can get iron toxicity due to excess iron. This can be harmful to the gastrointestinal system. Due to this, you may have problems like nausea, stomach pain, vomiting and diarrhoea. Excessive iron in the body can cause damage to the liver and brain.
  • The presence of excessive iron can damage blood vessels, which can significantly increase the risk of heart disease. There may be a problem of heart failure.
  • According to experts, an excess amount of iron can cause the problem of liver cirrhosis. Your liver may be damaged.

Its accumulation in the lungs can cause breathing problems, while its accumulation in the joints causes joint pain

  • Excess iron in the body can cause changes in skin colour. The skin colour may appear brown.

Experts say that if you feel that there may be excessive iron in your body, then it is very important to consult a doctor. The doctor will treat you based on the examination.

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