The Corona epidemic has re-entered the world. In such a situation, you have to hand sanitize or hand wash several times a day. The hand washes on the market are full of many harmful chemicals which can damage your hands. That's why today we have brought you the method of making orange hand wash at home.

Orange hand wash is prepared from such things which are completely chemical-free. This keeps your hands soft and nourished. The special thing about this hand wash is that you can make it once and use it for at least a week, so let's know how to make orange hand wash-

Ingredients required to make orange hand wash-
Liquid castile soap 1/3 cup
Aloe vera gel one teaspoon
Sweet orange essential oil 10-15 drops

Distilled water one cup
Witch hazel 1 tbsp
soap dispenser

How to make orange hand wash? (How to make orange hand wash)
To make orange hand wash, you first put distilled water in the dispenser bottle.
Along with this, you put liquid castile soap, witch hazel, and orange essential oil in it.
Then you put aloe vera gel or fresh aloe vera gel in it.
After this, you keep shaking slowly by applying the lid of the bottle.

Now your orange hand wash is ready to use.
You can easily use it for at least 3-4 weeks.