Halloween Day is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Western and European countries. On this special occasion, people enjoy the party with scary costumes.

Halloween Day is now celebrated with great enthusiasm in India. Many people in India enjoy parties by wearing scary costumes. In many states of the country, a wonderful scene of party and dance is seen on Halloween Day. This year Halloween Day will be celebrated on 31st October.

If you also want to enjoy the party to the fullest on the special occasion of Halloween Day, then you can reach the wonderful places of Delhi-NCR with your partner or friends.


If you live in Delhi and Delhi NCR, then the name of HauzKhas will be there. If you do not know, then let us tell you that HauzKhas is considered the party hub of Delhi-NCR.

HauzKhas is also considered a very famous place for Halloween parties. There are many bars in HauzKhas which organize Halloween parties. Thousands of couples and groups come to these parties to enjoy the party. Halloween party is held every year in the social bar present in HauzKhas.

  • Address-HauzKhas Village
  • Ticket-about Rs 1500 for two people.

The Piano Man Jazz Club

If you want to enjoy the Halloween party to the fullest, then you must reach The Piano Man Jazz Club. A large number of couples and groups come to enjoy parties at Piano Man Jazz Club.

Enjoy a Halloween party full of drinks and dancing at The Piano Man Jazz Club. Let us tell you that this Halloween party happens every year and it can happen this time too.

  • Address-Safdarjung Enclave Market
  • Ticket-about Rs 1600 for two people.

Informal by imperfecto

  1. by Imperfecto is a place where you can enjoy a party every day. During weekends, more than a dozen couples and groups come here to party and have fun.

Informal by Imperfecto is also considered a perfect place for a Halloween party. A large-scale Halloween party takes place here and a large number of people also arrive. Here you can enjoy the Halloween party with great music.

  • Address-Noida
  • Ticket-about Rs 2000 for two people.

Halloween Night @Unlocked

If you want to enjoy the best Halloween party in Gurugram, then you should reach Bar Kitchen located in Gurugram. Bar Kitchen hosts a great party every year called Halloween Night @Unlocked.

You can also come with your partner or friends to enjoy Halloween Night @Unlock. You can enjoy the Halloween party by enjoying delicious foods and beverages in the bar kitchen.

  • Address- Gurugram
  • Tickets- Around Rs 1200-1500 for two people.

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