Hair fall immediately: Nowadays there has been a lot of change in the lifestyle of people. In such a situation, young people are also falling prey to baldness. Many reasons are coming out behind this. There has been a lot of change in the food habits of the people. Changes in lifestyle like working till late at night, staying on mobile phone screen for hours and working on the computer. In such a situation, if you want to avoid baldness, then keep your distance from soda water because research has revealed that people who are drinking more soda, are soon becoming victims of baldness.

What is the reason for baldness?
There has been a shocking revelation in China's Tsinghua University. It has been told in researched here that due to the excessive use of baking soda in food, the problem of baldness is increasing in men. It is a matter of relief that if you make a slight change in your lifestyle, then you can get rid of this problem.

Who is more at risk
It has been told in research that the risk of hair loss is 57 per cent more in men. Actually, the researcher has done this study on more than 1000 healthy men in the age group of 18 to 45 years. It has been found that such men used to drink soda at least once a day. They are more prone to hair fall. If you drink too much soda then you should be careful.

Why drinking soda is harmful
It has been revealed in this research that drinking soda is very dangerous for your health. According to this report, men who drink soda even once a week have a 21 per cent higher risk of hair loss. On the other hand, if men drink soda two to four times a week, then this risk increases to 26 per cent. In this way, it can be understood that the consumption of soda is not free from danger for you.