We all know very well that as the age of a person increases, his hair also starts turning white, but in the present time, it is seen that the hair of young people has started turning white. Reasons can be like wrong lifestyle and bad eating habits. Apart from this, one of the main reasons for the premature graying of hair is the use of chemical-rich products in the hair. About the use of herbal water to remove the problem of gray hair. It nourishes your hair as well as helps in making it long, thick, and black. Through this article, let us tell you how you can make your white hair black again. Let's know -

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* Coconut water:

Let us tell you that you can use coconut water to make your white hair black again because coconut water has antioxidant properties that are very beneficial for our hair and scalp. Take water and take out its water, after shampooing the hair, wash your hair with coconut water, by doing this, the lost shine of your hair starts coming back and your hair starts looking healthy and shiny.

* Reetha and Amla water:

The use of Rekha and Amla is considered very beneficial to get relief from hair-related problems. It helps in preventing premature graying of your hair, along with it also provides relief from dandruff and hair fall. Is. To use it, soak reetha and amla in water at night, after that wash your hair thoroughly the next day using this water.

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* Onion water:

The use of onion is not only considered beneficial for increasing the growth of our hair, but its use is also effective in darkening our hair again. Mix water and mix it well, clean your hair thoroughly with this prepared water, and apply it on the roots of your hair, by doing this your hair becomes black and thick.