White Hair Remedies by Onion Juice: Nowadays, the problem of graying hair at an early age is getting worse. Leave aside the elders, even the hair of young children has started ripening at an early age. Health experts say that all this is the result of disturbances in food and bad lifestyle, due to which these changes are coming in the body. Many people use color to darken their hair, but it also has many side effects, due to which many people avoid it. If your hair has also started turning white from the root, then today we are going to tell you the natural way to make it black, after trying and your white hair will turn black within 15 days.

Benefits of Onion Juice in White Hair

According to hair experts, onion is considered a beneficial thing to make hair black naturally (White Hair Remedies). It contains essential elements that nourish the hair and there is no side effect on using it. According to hair experts, onion juice should be applied to darken the hair. There is a special way of applying it, which we are going to explain to you today.

How to use onion juice like this

First of all, grind the freshly chopped onions in the mixing machine.

Filter the onion paste with a velvet cloth or sieve and separate its juice. Mix that juice with gooseberry juice. Then apply it to the hair roots and scalp.

After applying onion juice, massage the head slowly for a few minutes, so that it reaches the roots.

Wash your head with lukewarm water after about a quarter of an hour. After this, dry the hair in the air of the fan.

How onion juice turns gray hair black

Antioxidants like quercetin and vitamin C are found in onion juice. These elements help in neutralizing free radicals. Along with this, they also reduce the production of hydrogen peroxide in the hair roots. Not only this, sulfur is found in onion juice. Because of this, the strength of the roots of the hair (White Hair Remedies) increases and the rate of their breakage decreases.

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