Green Herbs in the Kitchen: Garnish green coriander on dal, mint leaves in green chutney, and use basil leaves while making tea; All this is enough to whet your appetite. Green herbs are used in many ways in our kitchen. Herbs not only look good kept on the plate but also add freshness to the dish. Green herbs are also loaded with benefits and should be a part of your daily diet. They are very easy to grow and can be grown in any type of kitchen garden. This article lists some easy-to-grow green herbs that you must try.

Coriander leaves are the most popular garnish which is added to every other dal, sabzi, curry and even raita. Here is how you can grow coriander leaves at home.
To grow coriander, first of all, take a pot which has enough holes for drainage. Choose a small or medium-sized pot. The pot should be at least 6-7 inches deep.
Now fill the pot with soil. You can choose pre-mixed soil available in any type of plant nursery. After filling the soil, level it properly.
Take coriander seeds and sow them in the soil. Seeds should be about ¼ inch deep and 1 inch apart.
Now cover the seeds gently with soil and sprinkle water on them.
Keep the plant in your kitchen garden or even outside a window. Just make sure it gets 6 hours of sunlight, as coriander plants require a good amount of sunlight to grow.
Give water to the plant in a few days. Make sure the soil is moist at all times, but do not over-water the plant.
Once the plant grows up and reaches a height of about 7-8 inches. You can chop coriander leaves along with the stalk.

Mint leaves have a strong and fresh aroma, which refreshes you from within. Mint leaves are widely used to make green chutney, which is a popular Indian condiment served with snacks and finger foods. Here is how to grow a mint plant at home.
Mint leaves can be grown in rectangular pots as they do not grow much in height.
Take a pot that is big enough to accommodate the mint plant and also has drainage holes.
Fill the pot with soil and sow mint seeds in it. The seeds should be only ¼ inch deep. They can easily be sown with each other.
The mint plant should be kept outside in the sun as it needs at least 4-5 hours of sunlight daily.
Give only so much water to the mint plant that it remains moist.
After the mint leaves grow, you can pluck them as needed.