Google works more than just as a search engine for its users. Smartphone users use many other services of Google such as Gmail, Photos, Drive, and Phone.

If your phone also has a Google Phone App (Phone by Google), then this news will make you happy. Google is rolling out the lookup feature for its users. This feature is being brought for the company's phone app.

What is the lookup feature?
The lookup feature will work on calls coming from unknown numbers in the phone. With the help of this feature, the unknown caller can be identified.

It is known that currently there is no facility from Google to identify unknown numbers on the phone app. In many situations, the user does not want to pick up an unknown number without identifying it.

This is the reason why every user using the Google Phone app needs an app like Truecaller.

A new feature introduced for Pixel phone users
The company has announced the lookup feature as a Pixel feature for June. For Pixel phone users, this app will prove to help pick up calls from unknown numbers.

After this feature, the need for apps like Truecaller will end in Pixel phones.

How will you get the new feature on the phone?
Let us tell you, that the lookup feature from Google is a server-side update. This means that users will not need to download the new version of the phone app.

It is currently being rolled out for Pixel 6 and later Pixel devices. Pixel Fold users are also included in the list of those getting this update.

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