To help users focus better during their focus time, Google has introduced a new feature in Calendar. This feature allows users to mute notifications for the duration of their Focus Sessions. The new feature comes with the Do Not Disturb feature in Google Chat and the Focus Time feature in Calendar. By muting notifications, users will be able to concentrate better. Let us know in detail about the new feature found in Google Calendar.

These two new features found in Google Calendar
The new Google Calendar setting enables users to seamlessly integrate Focus Time with the Do Not Disturb feature in Google Chat. Previously, users could set a different time with Focus Time in the calendar. With the new feature, you will now be able to mute notifications directly. This will save the time of the users and users will be able to do their work comfortably. Can mute chat notifications directly from the calendar with focus time. This special feature found in the calendar with focus time will prove to be very helpful for the users.

These users will be able to take advantage
This feature is available for users of Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Business Standard, Business Plus, Education Standard, Education Plus, and Non-profit organizations.

When will the rollout happen
The rollout of this feature will be gradual. A gradual rollout of up to 15 days for the feature in the rapid-release domain will begin on June 28. For Scheduled Release domains, the rollout will begin on July 12. On the other hand, Google has also added a new Q&A and poll feature for Meet. This feature was earlier available for regular meetings. Q&A and polls allow users to better collaborate with others during live-streamed meetings.

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