The importance of yoga has increased a lot in the last few years. Not only in India, but the number of people doing this is also increasing rapidly in the whole world. Along with health, skin can also be taken care of with yoga. You can make the skin glowing and healthy in winter with these yogasanas. By doing yoga regularly, the skin also breathes properly and feels fresh. Let us tell you through which yogasanas you can make the skin glowing or glowing in winter.

To do this, keep the legs straight while sitting on the ground and then while breathing, straighten the spine upwards. Now while exhaling, bend forward and reach the hands to the feet. During this, your head will touch your knees. Try to move a little further with exhalation. Stay in this pose for some time. This yogasana will improve blood flow and its effect will also be visible on the skin. Do this asana daily in the morning.

To do this asana, first, lie down straight and then slowly start raising the legs. Your feet should be behind your head. Support your back while bending with your palms. Stay in this posture for a few seconds and then leave it. Your metabolic rate will improve with this yoga. Due to the good health of the stomach, the face also blossoms.

By doing this yoga in winter, both health and skin get benefits. To do this, lie down on your back and slowly start lifting your legs from the floor. Then lift the pelvic region. Keep your hands on your back. Make sure to pay attention to your feet while doing this asana. Stay in this position for a few seconds.