Nowadays almost everyone likes to plant flowers in the house. In such a situation, whenever someone gets free time, people plant beautiful and healthy plants in their home garden (Best Gardening Tips). For this, many people plant plants in small pots or glass jars in the living room, balcony or other places in the house. Usually, most people plant plants in pots only, but today we are going to tell you about some such plants, which you can keep anywhere in a glass jar (Plant To Grow In Jars Bottles) or by putting a bottle of beer. So let's know about these plants and the right way to plant them.

These plants can be grown in a glass jar
If you want to grow plants in a glass jar, then you can easily grow not one but many plants in it. These are the names of some plants-

peace lily
spider plant
lucky bamboo
money plant
English ivy
dill plant
Aloe Vera
chives plant

Planting Material in Glass Jar
glass jar

The right way to plant a plant in a glass jar
For this, first, break the soil and keep it in the sun for a day. Because of this, insects run away in the soil and wild grasses also die.
Next day add 1-2 cups of a compost to the soil and mix it well. Apart from this, use only organic fertilizers for plants. Because it improves the growth of the plant.
After mixing the manure in the soil, make it equal by adding soil to half of the jar and after that make a hole in the soil with a wooden spoon and press the seed of the plant in that hole and make the soil equal.
After this, put some soil in the jar and make it equal and put 1 mug of water in it and keep it in the shade.
After this, when the seeds start sprouting, you can keep them in the sun for some time.
After about four to five weeks, the plant will start growing.

Follow these tips too
Liquid fertilizer can also be used in this for good growth of the plant.
Apart from this, avoid keeping the plant in strong sunlight and do not forget to water it from time to time.
Along with this, keep spraying natural insecticide spray to drive away the small insects that get into the plant.
Apart from this, you can also grow some plants just by filling water the jar, such as money plants, lucky bamboo etc.