We follow the best clothes and makeup tips to go to the office. But we forget that we also need footwear to complete the look because if you want to be comfortable with the outfit, then it is necessary to style good footwear for it. In such a situation, you can try these footwear designs with office wear outfits. They are stylish in appearance and very comfortable to wear.


If you are styling a jeans-t-shirt or casual dress in the office, then you can pair loafer shoes with it. This type of shoe design is simple to look at but very comfortable to wear. You try them, choose the design and colour according to your choice. You will find this type of shoe online and in the market in the range of 500 to 1000.

Tips: If you want, you can wear this type of shoes in daily wear as well.

Toe-block pump heels

If you like wearing heels, then you can try toe-block pump heels for this. This type of heels looks great with a short dress and formal look. You can also wear it every day. It looks good with an office outfit. You will find this type of design mostly in the plane. You can buy it from the market in the range of 250 to 500.

Tips: You can style them with sarees as well.

Slim mules heels

If you like wearing heels then this time style slim mules heels with office outfit. You can wear this type of heels with skirts and tops. Its special thing is that it looks good as well and is very comfortable after wearing. If you want, you can also wear it with a saree, suit etc. You will also find printed, plain and double-shade designs in this type of heels.

Take special care of these things

  • Whenever buying footwear, take special care of your size.
  • Always wear footwear by matching it with the outfit.
  • Always choose a plain design and beige colour for the office.
  • Whenever you buy footwear, try to buy it from the market.

To make the office look cool and stylish, you have to take special care of these things. Only then the look will be complete.

Credit- Myntra