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Let us tell you that semolina is a food item which is also known as semolina, many Indian dishes are prepared with the help of semolina, but have you ever eaten roti made from semolina, if not, then this article must be read. Through this article, we will tell you about an easy recipe for roti made of semolina. Semolina is considered an easily digestible diet, so consuming it helps you get rid of stomach-related problems. Not only this but if you are worried about your increasing weight, then you must include semolina bread in your diet. By using this, your weight starts to be controlled, let us tell you through this article, the ingredients needed to make semolina roti -

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* Ingredients required to make Suji Ki Roti:

1. Semolina - 1 cup

2. Rice flour - 1 cup

3. Oil - 1 tsp

4. Salt - ½ tsp

5. Water - 1 cup

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* Easy recipe for making semolina roti:

1. To make semolina bread, first of all, sift semolina and rice flour in a bowl.

2. After this, add salt and oil to it and mix it well.

3. Now add hot water as required and knead a little thin dough.

4. After this, make balls of this flour and spread it with your hands, and make it big.

5. Now spread it well on a nonstick griddle.

6. After this, bake it well from both sides.

7. In this way, your hot semolina tasty roti is ready.

8. Now serve it hot with vegetables or chutney.