If you fart loudly in a public place or among friends, it can become a cause of embarrassment, sometimes it is difficult to control it. Many times you try to do it slowly, but there is still a risk of getting caught. Many people wish that they did not have to face this process of the body. You might also be wondering what effect it can have on our bodies.

Is farting good or bad?
Dr. Manan Vora told in a video on his Instagram account, "Farting is completely normal and healthy, it is just a way for the body to remove the natural gas that is formed during digestion. You will be surprised to know that it is normal to fart 25 times a day. Foods that contain high amounts of fiber, sugar, or alcohol. Apart from this, there are other factors too, like pregnancy and menstrual cycle. ."

Ways to control farts
Dr. Manan Vohra also said that if excessive gas is being produced in your stomach then you can control it by adopting some methods.

1. Eat small amounts frequently
Eating too much at one go creates a burden on the stomach, which can lead to the formation of more gas, hence eating small amounts frequently makes digestion easier and produces less gas.

2. Chew slowly and drink water, avoid fizzy drinks
Eating quickly and drinking carbonated beverages fills the stomach with air. This air gets trapped in the stomach and causes bloating and gas formation. Chewing slowly and drinking water prevents air from going in, which reduces gas formation.

3. Do not take medicine without medical advice
Taking medicines like antibiotics without medical advice can harm the good bacteria present in our digestive system. When the balance of these bacteria gets disturbed, many problems can occur in the stomach, which also includes gas problems.

Keep in mind that if there is excessive gas along with other problems like stomach ache, stomach cramps, or diarrhea, then definitely consult a doctor.

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