Tomato is a juicy vegetable, which people usually use as spice, juice, or salad in vegetables. But tomato is rich in a good amount of properties like Vitamin C and Vitamin E which helps in improving your skin. Apart from this, an element called lycopene is also present in tomatoes, which proves helpful in removing all your skin problems. In such a situation, today we have brought you the method of making tomato face packs. This helps you to remove tanning and dead skin, which improves your complexion and gives you glowing skin, so let's make Tomato Face Pack.

Ingredients needed to make tomato face pack-
3 tbsp tomato juice
1 teaspoon honey

How to make a tomato face pack?
To make a tomato face pack, first of all, take a small bowl.
Then you add tomato juice and honey to it.
After this, you mix these two things well.
Now your tomato face pack is ready.

How to use a tomato face pack?
Wash and clean the face before applying the tomato face pack.
Then you apply it well on your entire face every night before sleeping.
After this, you dry it by applying it for about 20 minutes.
Then wash it with normal water and clean it.
For best results, apply this face pack daily.
Your face looks fresh and glowing with this face pack.

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