Everyone likes to eat cold food to avoid the scorching heat. Everyone enjoys delicious and cool drinks this season. Although you must have drunk many beverages like coconut water, mango shake, and lemonade, today we will tell you how to make lemonade. This will keep your body energetic throughout the day. So let's know about the recipe to make it...

Lemon - 4-5
Sugar - 3 tbsp
Salt - 1/2 tsp
cold water - 3 cups
Soda - 1 cup
Ice cubes - 9-10

1. First cut a lemon in half and extract its juice.

2. After this place it in a vessel and add salt and sugar to it.

3. Now add cold water to it and mix it with a spoon.

4. When all the ingredients are well mixed, add soda.

5. Your delicious lemonade is ready. Serve with ice cubes.
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