Today i.e. since Tuesday morning, the dusty winds blowing in Delhi-NCR have made it difficult for everyone to go out. The air quality has deteriorated due to dust. Experts of the Meteorological Department told about the matter that due to lack of rain for many days and strong heat, strong hot winds are blowing. The land has dried up due to the scorching heat, so the dust is blowing along with the strong winds.

Do you know that these dusty winds can directly affect your health? Because of these winds, you can fall ill. You may have trouble breathing. Given this problem, today we are going to tell you some such methods which must be followed by the people of Delhi and NCR. By adopting these methods, you can keep your body healthy.

Avoid going out
If you live in or around Delhi-NCR, try not to step out of the house. A dust storm outside can directly affect your lungs. So don't leave the house unless it is necessary.

Wear a mask
If you are going out of the house for some reason, then definitely wear a mask. By wearing a mask, you will not have difficulty in breathing. The N95 mask available in the market will protect you better from dust, smoke, haze, aerosols, and smoke particles.

Do not workout on the terrace
If you do yoga or exercise, do not do workouts in the open terrace or park for a few days. If you do this, instead of clean air, bad quality air will enter your body, which harms the body. This is because while working out, everyone breathes through their mouth instead of their nose, due to which more amount of pollution goes into the body.

Keep washing hands and eyes
Try to keep washing your hands and eyes frequently. By doing this your body will be away from dirt. Most of the bacteria enter the body through the eyes and hands.

Install air purifier at home
If you do not have a budget problem, then get an air purifier installed in your home. By installing this, there will be clean air in your house which is beneficial for the body.

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