Grapes such as fruit which is full of properties like Vitamin-C. That's why grapes are beneficial for your health as well as for your skin and hair. If you apply grape juice to your hair, it helps in removing dandruff from the root of your hair. In such a situation, today we have come up with ways to apply grapes to your hair. Applying grape juice to hair solves every problem. By applying this, you get rid of the problem of frizziness. Grape juice acts as a natural conditioner in your hair, so let's know (Ways to apply grapes in hair) Ways to apply grape juice in hair.....

Grape Juice and Yogurt
For this, add curd to grape juice in a bowl and mix it. Then apply this mask well to your hair. With this, you get rid of the problem of frizzy hair.

Grapefruit and mandarin oranges
For this, mix orange juice and grape juice in a bowl. Then you apply it well in your hair. This helps in removing extra oil from your hair.

Grapes and Tea Water
To make the hair shiny, mix tea water in grape juice and apply it well on the hair. This makes your hair soft and shiny.

Grapes and gram flour
For this, first of all, mix grape juice and gram flour in a bowl. Then you apply it well to the hair. This helps in deep cleaning the hair scalp.