Drinking alcohol has many effects on the body. By consuming it, the person gets intoxicated and most people also feel relaxed. This is the reason why people have been drinking it for centuries, but you know that it has many disadvantages in the long term. People who consume more alcohol can be surrounded by many physical and mental diseases. According to the CDC definition, a woman who consumes 8 or more drinks a week or a man who consumes 15 or more drinks a week is called a heavy drinker.

Heart is affected
People who consume a lot of alcohol get atrial fibrillation. In this disease, the heartbeat starts becoming irregular. For this reason, the heartbeat is also affected. People who have this problem always feel sleepy and their breath becomes short. It has also been told in some studies that heart disease remains healthy in people who consume less or average alcohol. They do not even get a stroke, but scientists have not confirmed this.

What happens when you drink too much alcohol?
For people who start consuming alcohol in excess, many types of changes start coming into their bodies. A wall of fat starts forming in their blood vessels and sometimes it swells as well. If this happens, many people may also have a heart attack. Such people start feeling psychologically weak. However, wine contains polyphenols, which help prevent hypertension and heart failure.

This effect happens on the stomach
People who drink more alcohol, their liver can also get damaged and they can also have liver diseases. Many parts of the body get damaged due to excessive drinking of alcohol. If you are taking more than five pegs daily, then you are going to be a victim of many diseases because, in such a situation, the esophagus, pancreas, intestine, and stomach of the body have a bad effect. By consuming this way continuously, the intestines become weak. Alcohol kills healthy bacteria from the intestines. Let us tell you that this bacteria helps in the process of digesting food.