Water After Tea: Tea is our favourite drink. If we get a cup of tea early in the morning, then the day becomes, we get energy, sleep opens up, and we become active again, but often you must have heard that water should not be drunk after tea, it harms your health. Can reach. The question is can water be harmful to your health? Water is considered a very powerful drink, so would it be correct to say that drinking water can cause problems? Does it become harmful due to mixing hot and cold drinks, know about this.

Disadvantages of drinking water immediately after tea
1. There is no scientific evidence to prove that drinking water after drinking tea is harmful to your health. However, it is believed that drinking water immediately after drinking hot beverages like tea can lead to pyorrhea and digestive problems like acidity or pain.

2. If you drink water immediately after drinking tea, it can cause bleeding from your nose. Do not do this at all, especially in the summer season, because the tea is hot and the water is cold... So cold and hot can harm you.

3. Drinking water after drinking tea can cause problems related to your stomach. Gas can be formed in the stomach, there can be problems of bloating, flatulence, constipation etc. Apart from this, drinking cold water immediately after tea can also cause stomach ulcers.

4. Apart from this, it can also harm the teeth, cold and hot are harmful to the teeth. When you drink water after drinking hot tea, there may be a problem of cavity and tingling in your teeth, first hot and then cold inside the mouth changes the temperature of the mouth which can damage the nerves of the gums.

Drink water before drinking tea or coffee
Experts believe that drinking water before tea and coffee can help in reducing the acid levels in the stomach. It also minimizes stomach and overall health damage. Tea has a pH of about 6, while coffee has a pH of about 5. In other words, drinking tea or coffee in the morning or evening can increase the risk of acidity and lead to serious diseases, ulcers and cancer. Experts say that drinking water before tea or coffee can help in reducing the acid levels in the stomach.