People share pictures of children on social media carelessly. Many people create a social media account for their children as soon as they are born, but if you do the same, then you should avoid doing so. You will be surprised to know that even Mark Zuckerberg, the owner of the world's largest social media platform, blurs his face when he uploads pictures of his children on social media. Many big celebrities do this but the common man does not do this. Now the police have also warned about sharing pictures of children on social media.

Assam Police said- posting pictures of children on social media can be dangerous

The Assam Police has put out a tweet asking parents to protect their children from the dangers of sharing. The post featured pictures of four different children, all of which had a message on them, which was given on behalf of the children. It has been named Sharing. Sharing refers to when parents share sensitive content about their children on social media or share their pictures publicly on social platforms. According to experts, this can harm the parent-child relationship. #DontBeASharent has been used with this tweet.

(pc amarujala)