If you come to the country's capital to visit or for some work, then compared to other states, it not only saves your time but also affects your pocket. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has launched a special smart card for tourists. Now passengers can take passes in the Delhi Metro just like Delhi Transport Corporation i.e. DTC.

What is the DMRC Tourist Smart Card 'Tourist Card'?

The name of this card is "DMRC Tourist Smart Card". This card is available for Rs 200 and with it, tourists can do unlimited travel in Delhi Metro for one day. This is the reason why the Delhi Metro is considered the lifeline of Delhi city.

This card will be valid on all lines of the Delhi Metro. This includes the red, blue, yellow, green, orange and magenta lines. DMRC Tourist Smart Card can be purchased at any station of Delhi Metro. For this, you will not need to show your Aadhar card or any other identity card.

Where to get Delhi Metro's DMRC Tourist Smart Card 'Tourist Card'?

You can get a 'Tourist Card' of Delhi Metro by visiting any station of Delhi Metro. For this, you will have to pay the price of the tourist card only and will not have to pay any extra charge separately. The card with one day validity is Rs 200 and the card with three days validity is Rs 500.

It also includes a refundable security deposit of Rs 50. If you understand it this way, this card with a validity of one day will cost you only Rs 150 and the card with a validity of 3 days will cost you only Rs 450. Also, keep in mind that the Tourist Card can be used unlimited times at all metro stations except the Airport Express Line. This card is a great option for tourists. With this, they can enjoy the Delhi Metro to the fullest.

Some terms and conditions of the DMRC Tourist Smart Card are given:

  • This card is valid for valid time only.
  • The card can be used only for Delhi Metro.
  • The card cannot be used on any other rail or metro network.
  • Only one passenger can travel on one card at a time.

If any tourist is planning his travel, then for this he can also download the official app (DMRC App) of 'Delhi Metro Rail' in advance. The app also includes a dedicated section called 'Tour Guide' on the home page. In this, tourists can see the list of all the stations around any tourist destination in Delhi. DMRC Tourist Smart Card is a good initiative. This will make it easier and economical for tourists to travel in Delhi Metro.

Image credit: MRC