Avoid Ghee In Pregnancy: Women are often very cautious about their diet during pregnancy. This is also considered correct. This is the time when one should avoid eating anything like this without an expert's advice. There is confusion in the minds of many women about eating Desi Ghee during Pregnancy. According to health experts, pregnant women should avoid eating too much ghee as it can cause many problems. It also hurts the health of women. In such a situation, desi ghee should be avoided as much as possible. Let us know why desi ghee should not be eaten during pregnancy.

Do not eat desi ghee during pregnancy, why
1. When a woman is pregnant, she should minimize the consumption of desi ghee as much as possible. Because eating excessive ghee can increase their weight significantly. The saturated fat and calories found inside ghee work to increase weight rapidly.

2. If women eat more than one quantity of ghee during pregnancy, then their digestion can also deteriorate. There can also be problems related to the stomach. Not only this, according to health experts, eating too much ghee can also cause problems like diarrhoea, and constipation.

3. If more desi is consumed during pregnancy, there is a risk of increasing cholesterol. If this happens then heart-related diseases may occur and you may be in trouble.

4. There are some women whose liver is very weak. In such a situation, if they eat too much ghee, then they face difficulty in digestion. In such a situation, they should try to avoid consuming an excessive amount of desi ghee.