There would be hardly any person who does not know about ChatGPT. We are saying this because it has been in the news for the last few days. Different experts are doing research on this in different ways. Continuing this trend, a group of IT experts recently claimed that ChatGPT technology will be used to carry out cyber attacks shortly. Let's know about it.

Information found in the report
According to a Blackberry report, nearly 71 percent of tech experts claimed that some foreign countries are already using AI chatbots for malicious purposes against other countries. The report also highlights various views related to the potential threat posed by ChatGPT.

Will help spread false information
About 53 percent believe that the biggest concern is that ChatGPT will help hackers create more believable phishing emails. On the other hand, 49% believe it will allow less skilled hackers to improve their technical abilities and spread false information.

Shishir Singh, Chief Technology Officer for Cyber Security at BlackBerry, believes that ChatGPT will become increasingly influential in the cyber industry. There are a lot of benefits to be found from such advanced technology, but we cannot ignore its side effects as well.

Investing in AI-powered cybersecurity
The report also shows that a lot of IT decision-makers are planning to invest in AI-powered cyber security in the next two years. Where 82 percent have this intention and 48 percent of them plan to make this investment before the end of 2023.