Skin problems start happening as soon as the winter season arrives. Actually, due to weather changes, when cold winds blow, the skin becomes dry. The skin starts exploding from the ankles to the mouth. The face gets cured by applying cold cream, but many times people do not take care of the ankles that much, and due to this the ankles get cracked. There are some home remedies to correct the ankles, which you can do. Let us know how you too can keep your ankles soft.

Home remedies for cracked heels
Asafoetida will heal cracked heels

Cracked heels can be cured with the help of asafoetida. If you have cracked heels, make a paste of asafoetida and apply it on the cracked heels, it will remove the crankiness. Put some water in asafetida while sleeping at night and then make a paste and apply it on the cracked heels. Then tie polythene over it so that cold air does not blow on the ankles. By doing this continuously, cracked heels will be cured in a few days.

Coconut oil will prove effective
Coconut oil will also prove to be effective in correcting cracked heels. If you mix coconut oil in wax and apply it on your cracked heels, you will get relief. Coconut oil will heal the wounds present on the heels.

Honey will heal cracked heels
If your heels are torn then you can take the help of honey. To cure cracked heels, put some honey in lukewarm water and then sit after putting your feet in honey water. Keep your cracked heels in water for about 20 minutes and then take them out and wipe them with a cloth. After this, apply any moisturizer or cream on the ankles. This will stop the cracking of heels.

Olive oil will soften the heels
Olive oil is also beneficial in cracked heels. Olive oil is beneficial for the skin. Skin becomes soft with olive oil. First of all, wash your cracked heels with warm water. After this, apply olive oil to them before sleeping at night. Keep in mind that the ankles do not get dusty.