The threat of coronainfection has continued worldwide for more than four years. So far, more than 70.28 crore people have been affected by the infection, and 69.80 lakh people have died due to the infection. According to the data released by Worldometer, 67.37 people have recovered after getting infected. Health experts say that the risk of many types of health problems is being seen even in people who have recovered from the infection. The problem of Long Covid has been seen to persist in many people even for a year.

In a recent study, researchers said that many types of health risks are being seen in people who have recovered from corona, even those who had mild symptoms during the infection, many types of problems remain. A large number of people are coming to hospitals who have recovered from the infection but still have health problems.

Long term side effects of corona
In research conducted to find out the long-term side effects of Corona, experts said that even people with mild symptoms of COVID-19 are seen having trouble sleeping for a long time. Most of the people who are victims of infection are found to be suffering from insomnia or many other types of sleep-related problems.

According to the report, earlier studies had also alerted that COVID-19 could cause sleep disorders, but these cases were more in patients with severe symptoms who required hospitalization. Was. However, this research says that people suffering from mild levels of infection may also have sleep problems.

What did the study find?
A report related to this has been published in the journal Frontiers in Public Health, in which an alert has been issued about sleep disorders in people suffering from coronavirus infection. This research was conducted on 1,056 COVID-19 patients, although these people were not hospitalized. Problems like insomnia, depression and anxiety were evaluated in these participants. Researchers found that 76.1% of these had insomnia and 22.8% had severe insomnia.

One-third of participants said their sleep quality was poor, sleep duration was short or they had trouble falling asleep. Half of the people reported that they were able to sleep less at night after the infection.

Sleep problems in most people
Researchers said the study found that people who already had depression or stress problems had a higher risk of developing insomnia. This type of risk is also seen in people already suffering from chronic diseases like diabetes, and heart or metabolic problems. Experts say, if the problem of insomnia persists for a long time in people who have recovered from Covid-19, then it can affect their health in many other ways.

Sleep disorders have also been found to increase the risk of heart disease, blood pressure, and mental health disorders.

What is the conclusion of the study?
In the conclusion of the study, scientists said, we have been seeing many types of post-Covid problems since the beginning of the pandemic. Till now it was believed that the risk of Long Covid is higher in people who have severe symptoms, but in this research, many types of health problems are seen even in people suffering from mild levels of infection. If you have also been a victim of Corona, then it becomes necessary to know about its side effects and get its treatment in time.

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