The month of March is celebrated every year as Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. This is a serious disease due to which the life of the patient can go away. When a dangerous tumour starts forming in any part of the large intestine or rectum, then it is called Colorectal Cancer Symptoms. There is a deep connection between this deadly disease and belly fat. Belly fat or belly fat, which people ignore, under that belly fat or belly fat, can become a dangerous disease like colorectal cancer (Belly Fat Health Risk). Many of its symptoms are visible on the body, in such a situation it becomes very important to pay attention to it in time.

How is colorectal cancer formed?
Accumulation of fat around the abdomen is a sign of obesity and it can increase weight excessively. Colorectal cancer is formed only due to obesity and excess weight.

Identify like this (How To Identify Large Intestine Cancer)
Doctors look at the symptoms seen in the patient before doing any cancer test. In such a situation, if they feel that these symptoms are found in colorectal cancer or if the patient's family history is related to this disease, then they recommend getting stool tests, colonoscopy etc. tests done for confirmation.

Colorectal Cancer Symptoms
Information related to colorectal cancer is available on the website of the American Cancer Society. According to this, due to colorectal cancer, there can be stomach problems like diarrhoea, constipation and thinning of stool for several days. Apart from this, light red coloured bleeding from the rectum, dark colour of stool due to bleeding, abdominal pain, weakness and fatigue are also seen along with many other symptoms.

Weight loss without doing anything
Actually, in cancer of the large intestine and rectum, the weight of the patient starts decreasing without doing anything. This happens when the amount of calories required by the body increases in the treatment of cancer or cancer. In such a situation, if your fat or weight has started decreasing suddenly, then it can be a sign of a dangerous tumour inside the body.

Not emptying the stomach at once
Apart from this, if you do not feel an empty stomach after going to the toilet once and feel the need to have a bowel movement again, then be careful. Because this can also be a major symptom of colorectal cancer.

These habits increase the risk of obesity and colorectal cancer
low intake of fruits and vegetables
lack of physical activity
Consuming low-fiber and high fat foods
drinking etc.