Children's first school is their home and their teachers are their parents. How to give manners to the child, how he will behave outside, how he will eat, it all depends on the steps taken by the parents. In simple words, it can also be called the personality development of children. Let us tell you that being a parent is a big responsibility and it is not easy to fulfil it. If the mistakes related to parenting are continuous then the child has to face problems in future. Not only this, but his personality also suffers. Along with trying to improve the personality, it is also important to keep many things in mind. Learn those common mistakes that bring down the personality of children.

Parenting arguments
After becoming parents, a couple should pay special attention to their behaviour. There are quarrels in married life, but if they start increasing, then the mental health of the child is badly affected. A child deprived of love and affection has to face a personality disorder. He does not behave properly among people and this is a big loss to his personality.

Not fixing the problem
Due to their busy life, most parents do not solve the problems of their children. If this attitude is adopted continuously, then the child may stop saying his point or problem and may have to face a big loss in the future. Parents should always listen to the problems of their children first.

Expect more
It is necessary to be active in studies to activities, but many parents expect more from their children. The punishment for this mistake can make the child suffer mentally. He starts doing his loss under pressure.

Ignore the rules
After the entry into the life of the child, usually, the attention of every parent remains on their child. Most parents also ignore the necessary rules in love. The child can be stubborn and unruly and this mistake is the biggest reason behind personality disorder.

Support even when wrong
If the parents or the elders of the house start supporting the child even when he is wrong, then there is sure to be a loss to the future and personality. If the child quarrels or misbehaves, the tendency should always be to make him understand. Because it is very important to have rituals to behave.