Sometimes some children start speaking very late. There can be either its nature or some heredity reason behind it. But if the child is unable to speak even after living with other children of his age, then there can be many reasons behind it. In such a situation, today we are going to tell you some of the reasons behind the delayed speaking of the child. Those whom you can identify at the right time and give the right treatment to your child, then let us know (Know the Reason for children to speak late) the reasons for late speaking children….

Pre premature birth
For children who are born prematurely ie before 9 months, many times problems such as speaking late, listening late, understanding late and many activities, etc. are seen in such children.

Ear infection
If a child has a problem of ear infection at the time of birth or after birth, the ability to speak in such children is greatly affected due to which these children learn to speak late.

Trouble hearing or understanding properly
Many times there is a problem in the ears of the children due to which they are not able to hear and understand properly. For this reason, they also start speaking very late.

Neurological problem
If the child is taking a long time to speak according to his age, then there may be chances of neurological disability in the child. In such a situation, you should consult the child's doctor as soon as possible.

Autism can also be a reason for the late speaking of the child at times. If your child speaks less or does not speak or has difficulty understanding language, then he may be a victim of autism disorder.