Chaitra Navratri 2023 Vrat Niyam: In Chaitra Navratri, although pregnant women are prohibited from fasting for a long time, if you want to observe Navratri fast, then you must follow these rules.

It is better not to fast during pregnancy, it is unsafe to fast during the third trimester. But if you are healthy and there are no problems related to pregnancy, then you can fast, but consider it only after consulting your doctor.

Although Navratri fasting is done for 9 days, pregnant women can observe fasting on the first or last day, or even on Ashtami or Navami. Take special care of food and drink during the fast, so that both the child and the mother do not suffer.

Pregnant women keep fruit fast during Navratri. Do not keep Nirjala fast even by mistake, because it can cause water shortage for both the baby and the mother, which affects the health of the child.

Pregnant women should consume milk, curd and other dairy products once in a while during Navratri fast, but avoid those dairy products which contain high sugar. The baby is completely dependent on you for nutrition, so any kind of carelessness in this matter can prove to be dangerous.