Nowadays, thefts and many types of crimes are increasing rapidly at home, so you must install CCTV cameras for the security of your home, office, shop etc. places. The CCTV camera keeps a complete watch so that you get alerted before the crime happens.

If you are about to install a CCTV camera, then we will tell you how you can select the best CCTV camera.

1. Select a camera like this

Before selecting the camera, you should see how its quality and how are the reviews of that camera. Nowadays, many types of security cameras like bullet cameras, dome cameras and infrared cameras are available in the market.

You should compare the features of all before choosing a camera for your home. With this, you will be able to choose the right camera. You should also see which camera will cover the maximum part of your house and which you will get at a low cost.

2. Day and Night Mode

You should choose a camera that works well in both day and night modes. If the camera is not capable of capturing the day as well as night vision, then it is useless to install a camera.

Due to more light in the day, everything is captured well by the camera. But, many times the night activity is not captured properly on CCTV, so you should select the camera only after checking it.

3. Check the connectivity

You should try to connect the camera to the mobile. With this, you will be able to keep an eye on the activities happening in your home or office. Along with this, you should select the camera keeping in mind your budget.

You should also check whether the camera you have selected is waterproof or not. Apart from this, you should also pay attention to storage. Many cameras come with very little storage, which fills up after a few weeks. In such a situation, it is right to choose a camera with the best storage.

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