If you are planning to start a new business. In such a situation, this news is especially for you. Today we are going to tell you about a very wonderful business, by starting which you can earn lakhs of rupees. It is worth noting that today many people consider business as very risky, whereas it is not so. If you start a business in a planned manner keeping everything in mind. In such a situation, the chances of your business being successful increases. For your information, let us tell you that many people in the country are earning a good amount of money through Tulsi farming. In such a situation, you too can earn a good income by cultivating Tulsi. There are many hidden earning possibilities in this business. Let us know about it in detail in this episode -

You should be aware that many medicinal properties are found in basil plants. Apart from this, there are many varieties of Tulsi plant. It contains eugenol and methyl cinnamate.

If you start basil cultivation on one hectare of land. In such a situation, you have to invest Rs 15 thousand to start it. Tulsi plants are cultivated in sandy loamy soil.

Basil plants are ready after 100 days of transplantation. For your information, let us tell you that there is a big market for basil seeds and basil oil in the country.

There are many companies in the country which buy basil. In such a situation, you can start cultivating Tulsi plants and tie up with these companies and earn a good amount of money. Apart from this, you can also earn a good income by selling it in the market. If your business does well. In such a situation, you can earn up to lakhs of rupees through this.

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