A healthy breakfast brings many benefits to your body. In such a situation, if a toasty breakfast is found by meeting oranges and oats, then the day becomes. Both these are foods that are rich in good amounts of vitamin D. Vitamin D is a mineral that strengthens your bones. In such a situation, if you drink oranges and oats and drink a smoothie, then your body gets a good amount of vitamin D. With this you can get rid of the pain in your bones.

Apart from this, oranges also contain a good amount of vitamin C, so consumption of this smoothie also helps in increasing the glow and glow in your skin. In such a situation, today we have brought you the recipe for making an orange oats smoothie. This smoothie is tasty and rich in nutrients. You can make it and drink it for breakfast in only 5 minutes, so let's know how to make orange oats smooth .....

You need to make an orange oats smoothie
1. Rolled Oats Half Cup
2. Orange juice a cup
3. Apple or banana one
4. Almond little

How to make orange oats smoothie
To make orange oats smooth, you have to wash the oats thoroughly. Then soak them in water and a quarter cup of orange juice for about 8-10 hours. After this, you put oats, bananas, or apples in a blender jar. Then add nuts and orange juice to it and grind and make a fine smoothie. Now your orange oats are ready. Drink it in the morning for breakfast and then see its benefits.