Those 4 days of the month are very difficult for us women. During this, there is a lot of change in our body and sometimes it is painful and sometimes you feel uncomfortable in it.

Swelling in the breast during periods or increasing its size is also a part of the change. Due to the difference in the size of the breast, it is sure that there is a change in your looks and the fitting of the clothes also does not look special.

In such a situation, these days, you should choose a bra that gives comfort to the breast, which also supports your breast and does not spoil the fitting of your dress.

If you also face this kind of problem, then today we will tell you what kind of bra you can choose during periods.

Padded bra

You can wear a padded bra. It will also give good support to your breast and the fitting of the dress will also be good. But keep in mind that you should not wear a heavy or double-padded bra. By doing this you will feel uncomfortable as well as you may also feel pain in the breast.

Sports bra

You can also carry a sports bra. For this, you should choose a bra which is padded and whose fabric is soft. If you do not need a padded bra, then you can also carry a simple plain sports bra. However, those whose breasts become heavy should carry a padded sports bra.

Unwired bra

You will find more than one unwired bra in the market. You can carry both a fully wired bra and half wired bra when there is swelling in the breast during periods. Your outfit also looks good in this type of bra and it is also very comfortable.


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