Mourning has spread in the field of art after the demise of famous Kathak dancer Birju Maharaj. Mourning is being expressed all over the world after the demise of Maharaj. Birju Maharaj has given dance lessons to many artists in the world of cinema.

One of the talented actresses is Madhuri Dixit. Birju Maharaj choreographed songs from Madhuri's Devdas movie. She also got the contribution of Birju Maharaj in the program 'Dance with Madhuri'. Madhuri herself is a North Kathak dancer. Birju Maharaj has played an invaluable role in her choreography. Madhuri also learned dance from Birju Maharanja. Madhuri was Birju Maharaj's favorite disciple. Madhuri has also expressed grief over the passing away of her beloved Guru and paid homage to him.

Madhuri has rekindled old memories by sharing a beautiful photo of herself with Birju Maharaj. Madhuri says, 'He was great but he had the innocence of a little boy. He was not only my mentor but also my best friend. They taught me the intricacies of dance and acting in a very fun way. Although Maharajji left behind his mourning fans and disciples, we will carry on the legacy of dance that he left behind. Thank you very much for teaching me humility, bravery, kindness along with dance. Koti Koti Pranam '

Madhuri was a favorite disciple of Birju Maharaj

Pandit Birju Maharaj and Madhuri had a special relationship. Madhuri was a very dear disciple of Birju Maharaj. Birju Maharaj had said in an interview, 'Madhuri Dixit is my favorite disciple. She treats me like a teacher. Even today she calls me and asks when you will come to Mumbai. She always thinks that if I ever come to Mumbai, I should spend the evening with her. '

Birju Maharaj was the symbol of Kathak for Madhuri

Madhuri used to respect Birju Maharaj very much. She had said, 'Maharajji's sense of humor was very high. He always told us stories of his travels around the world. When he choreographed the song 'Kahe Chhed Chhed Mohe', his posture, acting, body language were so beautiful and easy to show, I felt like I was in heaven, not on the set. His art was a rainbow-like rainbow filled with nine juices. He was very inspiring and his journey never seemed to end. For me, it is a symbol of Kathak and that is dance. ' Birju Maharaj has played an important role in many of Madhuri's iconic songs. Maharaj had choreographed the songs 'Jagave Sari Raina' from Madhuri's 'Kahe Chhed Chhed Mohe' and 'Dedh Ishkish'.