People born on Saturday are mainly influenced by Shani Dev. People born on Saturday are generally serious to look at others, but when someone establishes a strong relationship with them, they become wonderful people to connect with.

Those born on Saturday always learn from their mistakes and move forward. They have organizational skills and put in a lot of effort to succeed in all circumstances and achieve their aspirations and goals.

These people are introverted and have a lot of patience. They don't get angry easily. If you are one of those born on a Saturday, then you are charitable by nature and kind to the poor.

When it comes to the auspicious and inauspicious colours of those born on Saturday, then some colours can be used to bring them success in life. There are some colours which can be inauspicious for them. Let's learn about those special colours from Life Coach and Astrologer SheetalShaparia.

What colours to use

If you were born on a Saturday, then there are some colours which are considered auspicious for you. According to astrology if you use those particular colours then you always get happiness and prosperity.

Black colour is good

If you were born on a Saturday then you should wear black colour. Black colour is considered to be the colour of the planet Saturn and people born on Saturday are influenced by this planet.

For this reason, if a person uses black colour, then Saturn can be pleased. If you use black colour, especially on Saturday, then Shani Dev's blessings remain on you.

If you are going out of the house for a big decision or going for an interview in search of a job, then definitely use black. If you use black colour for your home furniture as well, then there will be positive energy in your home.

Use blue

The blue colour is also associated with the planet Saturn. If you are not using black colour then blue colour can also be auspicious for you. The royal blue or dark blue colour of blue can give a positive effect on you.

If you are going to buy a property or buy a vehicle, then wear blue clothes. These colours help in opening the doors of prosperity in your life. The colour of blue coloured clothes and furniture can help bring prosperity to your life.

Use grey colour

If you use grey colour then it can be auspicious for you. The choice of grey with black and blue can give good signs for your life. If you use this colour on any occasion, then you will get successful. You are influenced by the planet Saturn, so you should use grey colour to strengthen Saturn.

What colours to avoid

If you are among those who were born on a Saturday, then you are advised to avoid certain colours. Let's know about those colours.

Avoid red

People born on Saturday should not use red colour, especially on Saturday. The red colour is considered to be the colour of Mars and hence it should not be used by people born on Saturday. Although you can use red colour on any other day, avoid this colour on Saturday.

Don't use yellow

People born on Saturday should also not use yellow colour. Using this colour can bring negativity to your life. Do not use yellow mainly on Saturdays.

In astrology, those born on Saturday are advised to avoid certain colours. Although this does not mean that you should always use a particular colour, these particular colours can be auspicious for you.



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