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We all know very well that Ayurveda has been used since ancient times, it is used not only for health but also for the beauty of the skin. Ayurveda helps in taking good care of our skin. Let us tell you that the history of Ayurveda in the field of medicine is very old. You might be surprised to know that Kerala is also known as the Ayurvedic capital of India. In such a situation, today through this article, we are going to tell you how Ayurveda should be used to keep the skin healthy. Let's know about it -

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* Abhyanga Massage:

Abhyanga involves massaging the body with warm herbal oils to nourish the skin, relax muscles, and improve blood circulation. In this, before bathing with lukewarm water, you can use sesame, coconut, or almond oil. Doing this not only improves the health of your skin but also reduces stress.

* Herbal Face Mask:

Let us tell you that Ayurveda encourages the use of many natural things for skin care. You can prepare a face mask according to your skin by using things like turmeric, sandalwood powder, neem, rose water, or honey. Let us tell you that antibacterial, antiseptic, and nutritious properties are found in these things which help in improving our skin.

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* Neti :

Neti is a nasal cleansing practice. In this, a mixture of lukewarm water and non-iodized salt is poured into one part of the nostril and removed from the other part. By doing this the nose becomes clear and along with this the problem of sinus and mucus also starts to go away.

* Tongue scraping :

Ayurveda experts explain that tongue scraping is a simple technique in which the tongue is gently scraped using a copper or stainless steel tongue scraper. Doing this exercise helps in removing the toxins accumulated in the jaws overnight. Let us tell you that a clean tongue maintains our digestive system better, which has a positive effect on your skin.