Hair in the private area always makes us feel uncomfortable. We think they are dirty and hence clean them for good hygiene. Do you know that these pubic hairs should not be removed? It is not us, the doctors say so and they have also given the reason for not doing so.

You might not know, but pubic hair has benefits. They do not get dirty but help protect you from dirt and infection. Dermatologist, Dermatosurgeon and VenereologistDr Agni Kumar Bose explain the benefits of pubic hair through his Instagram. Let us know in detail about the benefits of pubic hair in this article.

What are pubic hairs?

These are on your genitals. Their growth can be a sign of puberty for most people. However, its quantity varies from person to person. During puberty, your body is sexually maturing and hormone fluctuations cause changes such as more body hair (armpit hair, facial hair, and genital hair). Apart from this, there is the development of breast, period, deep voice, acne, development of muscles etc.

Is there any benefit of removing pubic hair?

Not necessary. Having hair in the genital area is not dirty or unhygienic. On the contrary, if you get a genital cut while waxing or shaving, you can get an infection and ingrown hair. Dr Agni sarcastically says that pubic hair removal only protects you from lice, because if there is no hair, there are no lice in the hair.

What are the benefits of having pubic hair?

Pubic hair, like underarm hair, acts as a dry lubricant. This helps prevent friction. They also play an important role in reducing friction during physical relations. This helps prevent dirt and pathogens from entering the genitals.

It helps in reducing sweating around the vagina. Pubic hair helps to protect your vagina from various bacteria and infections like sexually transmitted infections.

Why do people remove pubic hair?

There can be many reasons for removing pubic hair. Some people do it because of social norms. The practice of pubic hair grooming dates back many centuries and hair removal is very common.

People also remove pubic hair due to partner expectations. A survey was done in the year 2013, in which 21.1 percent of women removed their hair due to their partner's expectations.

Some people believe that removing their pubic hair increases sensation in the genitals during a physical relationship. Some studies also suggest a link between the removal of genital hair and self-reported sexual functioning.

Dr Agni says that as dermatologists, there are very few conditions like hidradenitis suppurativa for which we actively recommend hair removal as a treatment. But for the general public, it's just a matter of personal preference and grooming. If you are clean, then your pubic hair is also clean. If you are not hygienic, no Brazilian wax in the world can help you!

We hope your confusion about pubic hair has also been cleared.

Image Credit: Freepik