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Makhana is high in fiber, calcium, magnesium, iron, and phosphorus. People usually eat Makhana after dry roasting it. On the other hand, during fasting, people like to eat Makhana on a fruit diet because by eating it, the stomach remains full for a long time and energy remains. But have you ever eaten Makhana boiled in milk? If not, then today we will tell you what are the benefits of consuming Makhana cooked in milk-

Makhana has a high amount of antioxidants, which is why eating them provides benefits for type 2 diabetes. By including butter in your diet, you can avoid this serious problem. Apart from this, Makhana contains high fiber, which will make the stomach feel full for a long time.

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You will avoid eating again and again. This will help in controlling your increasing weight. It also keeps your digestion healthy. Your bones and muscles become strong by consuming Makhana cooked in milk. Skin and hair become healthy and shiny. It also makes your hair strong.